On Sunday 1 March 2015, eight teams will compete at Her Majesty’s Theatre at Capital Bhangra 2015. They are:

Warwick Bhangra


Since its inception in 2012, Warwick Bhangra has been aiming to promote the art of Bhangra, in itself, but also to raise awareness of Punjabi culture and introduce it to a wider audience. We have been running weekly classes for students and non-students alike and we have been fortunate enough in being able to produce a number of strong enough dancers to create a team. Our team members have relished this opportunity to do what they love and represent the University of Warwick at Capital Bhangra this year. Our set can be described as an ode to Folk Bhangra that has been inspired by the direction of the UK Bhangra scene as a whole. We, at Warwick Bhangra, are incredibly proud to be part of the heritage of Bhangra dance and its evolution amongst the university scene.

Captains: Kirandeep Kaur and Anisha Parmar
Choreographer: Sandeep Kumar

City University London (Shehar di Shaan)


The students at City University believe bhangra dancing is an experience of a lifetime and the thrill of performing a live set on stage to a vast audience is incomparable. Having only begun dancing in the last 4-5 months, they decided to take the plunge into competing under the guidance of Vivek Chopra and set out to accomplish the unseen – to win the competition being a brand new team! Using the experience they had they were able to train many beginners and form a team, thus enabling them to have a greater understanding of Punjabi culture and although exposed to the more modern and newer style of bhangra, City University aim to adopt a more folk style – such as not to deviate from its roots. Their style is inspired by many teams both here and from abroad including, but not only, University of Birmingham (UoB), Gabru Chel Chabileh (GCC), Fauj and many more.

Captain & Choreographer: Vivek Chopra

Southampton Bhangra Society


Founded in September 2012, the Southampton Bhangra Society brought a burst of Punjabi flavour to the performing arts scene at Southampton University. They welcome anyone that wishes to learn more about Bhangra and Punjabi culture and the team represents diversity in which they take great pride; dancers may come from entirely different backgrounds but all share a love for the energy and vibrancy that epitomises Bhangra.

They are competing in Capital Bhangra for the second year running and hope to inject variety, flair and fun into their performance at this year’s competition. Having taken inspiration from energy-fuelled performances by JVD and TAG, they want to build upon their achievements from last year… and as the only all-girls collegiate team, they aim make their set one to remember!

Captains & Choreographers: Harleen Johal, Sarah-Jane Singh

Aston University Bhangra


Aston University Bhangra strive to promote Punjabi culture, the passion, the energy and the art of Bhangra. The team aims to give the audience a colourful, unique and creative style of dancing through their choreography, formations and musical mix.

Since entering the UK competition scene back in 2012, Aston University has continuously expanded to enhance their performances further each year. Aston’s determination to achieve high expectations is incorporated into the hard work and dedication shown from each ABS member; to provide you with a performance that they are proud to show the world.

Blood, sweat, tears and success… Aston University hope to leave you with an enjoyable, lasting impression showing their love of Punjabi folk dancing.

Captains: Prempreet Lota, Jagdeep Randhawa, Harpriya Bahia
Choreographers: Prempreet Lota, Jagdeep Randhawa, Harpriya Bahia, Sunveer Seera

Luff Bhangra (Josh Jawani Da)


The new kids on the block, Luff bhangra was established in 2014, primarily as a society to promote Punjabi culture to Loughborough University students. Quickly gaining popularity the Luff Bhangra dance team was created with the aim of peforming for audiences far and wide, giving the dancers an opportunity to showcase their abilities. Luff Bhangra will debut at Capital Bhangra 2015 against some of the best University teams in the UK. With bags of energy and enthusiasm Luff Bhangra hope to show the Capital audience, and judges, what they can do.

They don’t like bhangra, they Luff bhangra!

Captain & Choreographer: Amritpal Singh Agar

Lishkareh Punjab Deh

LPDHartej Singh Matharu
Choreographers: Hartej Singh Matharu, Karun Singh Chhokar, Dalvir Singh Soor, Satnam Singh Sidhu, Inderveer Singh Khaira

KSG Bhangra Team


KSG Bhangra Team is made up of dancers from three neighbouring universities: Kingston, St.George’s and Roehampton. They joined forces a few months ago and have worked hard to pool their collective knowledge and experience together to form a united team. Through their journey, they have been fortunate to have the guidance and influence of renowned west London team, Vasda Punjab. It is important to KSG Bhangra Team to stay true to the traditional roots of bhangra while making their performance innovative and relevant for the ever-evolving UK bhangra platform. They hope to entertain and impress everyone on stage at Capital Bhangra 2015.

Captain & Choreographer: Kirpa Singh Chana

BCU & Wolves Bhangra Team


BCU & Wolves Bhangra is a brand new University collaborative team founded in September 2014. With members from a range of backgrounds and ages, all have one vital thing in common – a passion for Bhangra! Captains Rav, Inda and Khush have come together to produce a driven, enthusiastic and hopefully successful team to showcase their unique bhangra style, yet still keeping to the traditional roots of bhangra. The team aims to prove to the country what the Midlands has to offer and hope to make a giant Bhangra-shaped stamp onto the scene for many years to come. They hope you enjoy their debut performance!

Captain & Choreographer: Ravneet Kaur Nandra, Inderjit Singh Birha, Khush Singh